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Parlor from our loft

Parlor Roller

Parlor Rollers are a specialized variety of the breed known as the Parlor Tumbler. Whereas Parlor Tumblers can do one, two, or more backflips at a time, only the ones that continuously roll along the ground merit the title Parlor Roller. Parlor Rollers come in a myriad of colors, but are never bred for color or markings. The one quality that determines the bird's value is the distance it will roll when placed on the ground. A good Parlor Roller will turn multiple backflips along the ground, and the breed is judged at shows based on the distance an individual rolls in a straight line. It is not uncommon for a good quality Parlor Roller to roll 80-100 feet at a time; however rolls of 20-30 feet are much more common.

The bird pictured above is a dominant opal lace that was bred by a friend of ours, Jim Feasel, of Ohio. A youngster out of this bird was measured at 125 feet twice.

Check out our good friend Paul Gamino's Website for more information on Parlor Rollers. Paul is without a doubt one of the best in the business!


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