"The Iceman" - 1st @ 300 miles, 4th @ 100 miles



Our Current Color Projects


Unless stated otherwise, these projects are limited to Flying Type Racing Homers.

The birds produced from these projects will be expected to fly right alongside the "standard" colors.

Actually, "project" is not a good description of most of these. The term "color project" implies a quest or an effort to upgrade a particular "rare" color to the point that it can compete with other non-rare or "standard" colors. That is not the case in this loft. We already fly and compete - and have won races - with our rare colors, as attested by "Snoop Chris", "The Iceman" and "Snake River" in the photos above.

"Snoop Chris" was a very dark dominant opal check, appearing from a distance to be an ordinary blue check. The dominant opal is only visible when viewing him up close, where some bronzing is apparent in the checks, and some lightening is seen in the tail bar and in the veins of the tail feathers. "Snoop Chris" won a first at 200 miles, a second at 125 miles, and a third at 100 miles. He was retired to the stock loft and died from natural causes several years ago after breeding several white bars and checks, as well as darker variations of dominant opal. As of 2014 we are still breeding from some of his descendents.

"Snake River" is spread recessive opal or spread "cherry". He is still in our breeding loft and continues to breed quality pigeons both in opal and in standard colors. "The Iceman" is an ash red barless with all the other lightening factors involved in the "chrome" phenoype, but lacking the gene for dilute. "The Iceman" has since been retired, but we are still breeding from several of his children and grandchildren as of 2018.





Brown and khaki

Recessive red and yellow

Qualmond in blue and brown

Drizzle in blue checker and bar

Reduced in bar, checker, spread

Indigo in bar, checker and spread

Dominant opal in bar, checker and grizzle

Recessive opal in bar, barless, checker, spread

Barless in blue, brown, ash red, and their dilutes

Dilute ash red (ash yellow) in bar, checker and barless

Cherry (formerly known as red phase recessive opal) in bar, barless, checker, spread

"Chrome", which is a combination of dilute ash red barless and other lightening factors

Milky - the American form, as opposed to the European form, which is a completely different gene


We occasionally have rare colors for sale. When we do we list them on our sale page, but they do not come cheap, simply because what we have now are the fruits of my labors of the past 30-plus years that I have been working on them. Please check it often if you are interested in some of the best flying quality rare colored homers in the world.









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